How to Prepare for FIFA 2018 in Russia!

If you are a die-hard fan of the game then the chances are that you will be making your way to Russia next June to see the tournament live! And while it can seem like an eternity of waiting away, in reality, there isn’t much time left to sort out your planning. After all, there are tens of thousands of fans just like you who will all be flocking to see the same games as you.


Airlines are restricted to selling tickets less than 12 months from their destination. This means that tickets flying into Russia internationally are now open for sale. And just recently! For this reason, now really is the best time to lock in a good price on return flights to Russia. When you are looking at flights, shy away from using airlines websites directly. Instead, opt for travel aggregators. Often, these sites have arrangements with airlines and hotels for certain event dates and can pass on savings to you.

In contrast to the tip above, if you are traveling as part of a large group, consider speaking with a travel agent about securing a group rate not available on any websites.


Speaking of accommodation, when you book your flight is a great time to take advantage of any accommodation savings. Again, given that there will be a large number of people converging not only on the one country but one small area of the country, rooms will begin to fill up fast. When you are searching, give consideration to alternative accommodation platforms, such as short term rentals or home-sharing options available in the country.

If you do choose this option, be sure that you only use a reputable service or platform and only make bookings with people who you feel comfortable staying with.

What Did He Say?

Are you going to be able to learn Russian in a year without living in Russia? Very unlikely. Can you use the Groupon Coupons page for Rosetta Stone to find a discounted program that can teach you the basics? Absolutely! Instead of looking like a fool when you arrive, make your friends look like the fools themselves by breaking out your basic Russian. While you may not be fluent or even speak very well, Russians will appreciate your attempt and offer help when they can.

Learn About Their Culture

Each time that you travel to a new country it is important that you take some time to learn about their culture, In particular, any offense you may cause to people or laws you may break unintentionally. Speak with your local embassy for any tips or advice they have on the matter, along with browsing through social media pages and chat forums to learn more about how you are expected to behave in the country.

Of course, the last tip comes in the form of screaming practice! You are going to want to get your lungs and throat ready in advance for all of the yelling and screaming that you will be doing when you finally get to FIFA 2018!

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